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Wireless Alliance Launches Web Site

In an effort to establish a single resource to deliver wireless networking information for industrial applications, the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) has launched an informative Web site. The site (www.WINA.org) will be used to communicate the association’s work on wireless solutions by industry and by application. It will keep members of the industry informed about standards developments and upcoming technical conferences through forums, discussion boards, and webinars.

In the past two years, heavy industry has begun adopting wireless networking technology to increase business efficiencies and dramatically improve productivity and worker safety, noted WINA. Industry expert projections estimate the installation of wireless technology to reach as much as $4.6 billion in market size by 2012.

Wireless networking in the industrial sector is appealing because it is a low-cost solution compared to the installation of wired infrastructure, including sensors that can be easily installed on moving and rotating parts that previously required manual observation and reporting. In addition, modern wireless provides excellent reliability even in harsh industrial climates typically comprised of steel, concrete, and glass and integrates seamlessly into existing systems. “We invite the community to explore the site, ask questions, and join WINA in building a community that shares ideas and experiences that underscore the wide range of applications for industrial wireless,” said WINA president Ian McPherson.


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