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Workstation-Class Motherboard Chip Set Has Four RDRAM Ports

The latest upgrade of the RDRAM motherboard chip set, the SiSR659, supports HyperStreaming technology and can be teamed up with the recently launched SiS964 South Bridge chip. With this combination, high-end platforms get four RDRAM memory channels, which significantly improves data bandwidth up to 9.6 Gbytes/s. Coupled with the company's exclusive HyperStreaming architecture, the SiSR659 delivers a speedier and smoother usage environment. The South Bridge chip includes 5.1 channel audio, the V.90 modem, and the Ethernet interface. Additional interfaces on the chip include up to eight USB 2.0/1.1 ports, two parallel ATA133/100/66 channels, and two serial ATA150 ports. In 1000-unit lots, the SiSR659/964 combo is priced at $45/set.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
www.sis.com; (886) 2-8913-1168

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