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Workstation Performs On-Board And In-System Programming

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The FlashRiter PCI- and IEEE1149.1-based programming station performs on-board programming (OBP) of flash memory devices and in-system programming (ISP) of CPLDs, FPGAs and other devices. Its boundary-scan controller uses a proprietary Adaptive Clocking technology that eliminates the effect of path delays, allowing the system to operate up to 6 ft. away from the target. In addition, a 32-bit architecture and memory behind TDI and TDO can provide non-stop OBP at speeds of up to 25 Mb/s.TestRiter, a fully-integrated boundary scan test program that uses netlist and BDSL files, identifies boundary scan cells associated with each node. It then symbolically maps net names to corresponding scan cells. The program also identifies failures, including open input pins or nets, without manual probing.Other features include Windows-based software (Scan Manager) that can be used to create OBP algorithms and ISP routines. The application is an open-architecture sequencer with a built-in engine that automates development of routines.

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