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Wrist Strap And Ground Monitor Handles Two Metal Grounds

The 3M Wrist Strap and Ground Monitor 773 provides effective workstation monitoring in applications that require two metal grounds. The 773 grounds and monitors two operators and monitors two metal grounds. As the latest addition to the Down to Earth family of monitors, the 773 is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of hard disk drives, printed-circuit boards, defense and aerospace equipment, and medical devices. The monitor accurately measures ground impedance in automated tools while they are in operation, allowing immediate corrective action to improve production yields. The device’s real-time communication and audio alarm allows for immediate shut down should impedance values exceed facility standards. Miniature in size, the 773 monitor is easy to install and unobtrusive on the product floor. The monitor’s measurements are ANSI/ESD S6.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliant. 3M ELECTRONICS SOLUTION DIV., Austin, TX. (408) 329-5540.


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