Electronic Design

Write, Emulate, Debug: All With One MCU Starter Kit

The PK-HC08QT Starter Kit can be used to evaluate the MC68HC908QT4 microcontroller (MCU) and debug small user applications. The kit is supported by Metrowerks' CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE), which incorporates an editor, an assembler, a C Compiler, and a debugger. Motorola's MON08 interface enables the user application to be downloaded into the microcontroller flash memory. In-system programming and debugging is executed through an MON08-compatible interface. Full-speed program execution enables the user to perform hardware and software testing in real time. The PK-HC08QT is connected to the host PC through a serial port. A prototyping area accommodates the wiring of a small application. Selling for $99, the starter kit includes an evaluation board, an MC68HC908QT4 (DIP-8) sample, a serial cable, and a CodeWarrior CD-ROM.

SofTec Microsystems
www.softecmicro.com; +39 0434 640729

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