Electronic Design

x86 System-On-Module Cuts Time-To-Market

Logic Products and AMD have teamed up to deliver AMD's Geode in an ETX (4.5- by 3.7-in.) module. The module has a 500-MHz Geode LX 800 processor that uses 0.9 W. It can handle up to a 1-Gbyte small-outline dual-inline memory module package. The chip has hardware encryption support, including AES hidden key storage and a random number generator. It also has video input and output, a UDMA IDE controller, four USB 2.0 host ports (including wake-on USB event), a flash interface, and an LPC port and an IrDA port. The board has AC'97 audio and a Realtek RTL8110SB Gigabit Ethernet support with wake-on-LAN support. Software support for Microsoft WinCE, XP/XPe, and Linux is available. Pricing for the AMD ETX RDK (reference design kit) starts at $750.

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