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XFP SMT Connectors Yield 10-Gbit/s Performance

XFP connectors that provide extended electrical performance at 10-Gbit/s serial data rates are now available from Tyco's "extended performance" PT 30 connector series, referenced in the XFP standard. XFP PT 30-position connectors incorporate high-speed surface-mount (SMT) contacts on a 0.8-mm pitch. Designed for applications with system noise budgets that require additional margins, the connectors join together copper and optical 10-Gbit serial XFP modules on host-system pc boards.

The XFP standard is a multisource agreement that specifies the electrical and mechanical requirements for next-generation pluggable transceivers (go to www.xfpmsa.org for more information). It specifies parameters for pluggable modules, cage hardware, thermal heatsinks, and pc-board connectors. It's intended to cover Sonet OC192/STM-64 10-Gbit Fibre Channel, G.709, and 10G Ethernet communications. The specification aims to give users a universal design for transceivers in a smaller space and at a lower cost than alternative parallel optical schemes.

Pricing for the "extended performance" PT 30 connector is $2.39 each in 5000-unit quantities. Lead time is 10 weeks for volume orders and stock for samples.

Tyco Electronics
(800) 522-6752

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