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Xilinx CPLDs And FPGAs Rev Up Development Of Complex Boards

Designed to help hardware and software designers wrestle with development of complex digital systems, the ET-XCR board hosts a 64 macrocell, 1,600-gate Coolrunner CPLD, while the ET-D2E board includes a Spartan 2E XC2S200E FPGA in a PQ208 package. Both development boards attach to a PC via the parallel port using an included programming cable and the Xilinx JTAG protocol configuration. The boards are compatible with WebPACK CAD tools that are available at no cost. To both support and extend the capabilities of the development boards, two peripheral boards and two types of breadboards are also available. The peripheral boards consist of the ET-DIO1 and ETDIO2 that use a 95108 CPLD to create a system bus between the system board and I/O devices. The breadboards include the ET-DBB1 and the wire-wrap ET-DWR. Prices for the CPLD-based ET-XCR and FPGA-based ET-D2E development boards are $76 and $248 each, respectively. The ET-DIO1 and ET-DIO2 peripheral boards are priced at $71 and $152. And the ET-DBB1 and ET-DWR1 breadboards cost $37 and $26.40. EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 232-7837.


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