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ZigBee Demo Kit Gets Users Going

This year should mean growth for the ZigBee standard. To ensure such growth, the PICDEM Z platform from Microchip provides hardware and a free ZigBee protocol software stack that can be easily integrated into wireless products. The 2.4-GHz demonstration kit supports the ZigBee standard protocol for wirelessly networked control and monitoring applications.

The PICDEM Z 2.4-GHz demonstration kit includes all of the hardware, software source code, and PCB layout files needed to rapidly prototype wireless products. The development platform is based on Microchip's PIC18 microcontroller family, which supports ZigBee applications. That product family offers a wide selection of products with 32 KB to 128 KB of Flash program memory in 28- to 80-pin packages.

Microchip's PICDEM Z platform and ZigBee software stack is supported by the company's full suite of MPLAB development tools. Those tools include the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MPLAB C18 C Compiler. The PICDEM Z 2.4-GHz Demonstration Kit includes two motherboards, two RF cards, and a CD containing the ZigBee protocol software and a PCB-layout database.

The PICDEM Z 2.4-GHz demonstration kit costs $199. The PICDEM Z motherboard sells for $89. Lastly, the PICDEM Z 2.4-GHz RF card costs $49. All are available from stock.

Microchip Technology, Inc.
2355 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85224-6199; (888) 628-6247, www.microchip.com.

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