Antenna Tuning ICs Boost 4G-Device Efficiency

Antenna Tuning ICs Boost 4G-Device Efficiency

By optimizing various antenna characteristics, Infineon’s latest antenna tuning ICs help accelerate data-rate operation in LTE bands. The new family of antenna aperture tuning switches also drive down power consumption in 4G smartphones and tablets. As a result, the BGA1xGN10 series, based on Infineon’s RF CMOS switch technology, makes it possible to develop smaller, greater-frequency-range smartphone antennas.

Improved impedance matching for a single antenna across a wide frequency range reduces power stress on the transmitter side and increases sensitivity on the receiver side. The switches are designed for high ruggedness, low parasitics, and highest linearity to withstand critical mismatch conditions at the antenna. All devices offer generic GPIO interfaces for smooth antenna control and system integration.

The ICs come in ROHS-compliant, 1.5- by 1.1-mm plastic packaging.



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