Bluetooth and WLA N a mobile marriage

Mobile users can simultaneously take advantage of a handset’s Bluetooth and Wireless LAN (WLAN) capabilities with the Nexperia cellular system solution 5210. NXP Semiconductors’ system incorporates an unlicensed mobile access (UMA) software stack from Kineto Wireless. This makes it possible for devices to be used at home over fixed-line broadband networks and while on the go via a cellular network. Simultaneous usage of Bluetooth and WLAN enables these calls to be made using a Bluetooth headset.

To overcome the challenges of operating WLAN and Bluetooth in the same frequency band and physical co-location without degrading data throughput or voice/audio quality, NXP integrated a complex set of coexistence algorithms into the 5210’s baseband (its low-power BGW211 WLAN and Bluetooth solutions). This enables both connectivity functions to operate simultaneously without interference. Additional algorithms were added specifically for voice applications, ensuring crystal-clear communications when using a Bluetooth headset.

TAGS: Mobile NXP
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