Comm design faces new future with low-cost optical interface

A new multi-channel, multi-wavelength transmitter and receiver (T/ROSA) solution is on its way to the growing market for high-performance, fibre-based video and data-link extensions. Omron Electronic Components' (Europe) assemblies, which are based on recently-acquired Aduro's patented Afterburner technology combined with Omron's assembly and moulding technologies, could change the way high-speed communications are designed.

The new Afterburner SX4 range of integrated CWDM-based T/ROSA solutions are aimed at SX4 (850 nm) applications, including video and data transmission over 50, 62.5µm multimode and polymer optical fibre (POF). These include optical fibre link extensions for video and data distribution in environments such as film and TV studios, security systems, and storage access networks (SANs) over distances from 15m to 300m.

The Afterburner SX4 product line is a protocol-independent, CWDM-based optical subassembly pair that can send and receive four independent wavelengths (aggregation is also possible) over a single multimode or POF.

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