Curtains Draw Open on a New Home-Theatre Reference Design

A novel dual-tuner DVB-S2 PCI Express card reference design allows ODMs and OEMs to integrate affordable H.264/AVC and VC-1 content consumption on PCs, media centres, and home-theatre systems. Each channel of the MicHognose 2DX design, crafted by Micronas, supports DVB-S and the new DVB-S2 standard.

The reference design supports watching and/or time-shifting one program while recording another. The Micronas DeCypher high-definition streaming media decoder enables additional applications on the same system, such as HDTV, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming Internet video, and IPTV.

The DeCypher DHM8100A and nGene APB7202 work together on MicHognose 2D-X to deliver two channels simultaneously. With all decoding functions realised in the DeCypher hardware, it doesn’t burden the CPU and is compatible with either integrated graphics controllers or external graphics adapters.

Power consumption is minimised, enabling the low-noise operation essential to any device operating in a livingroom environment. The nGene architecture can transport two compressed and one uncompressed HDTV channel over PCI Express, going far beyond the bandwidth offered by conventional PCI slots. The nGene is certified by PCI-SIG to be PCI Express 1.0a compliant.

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