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Electronic Design Update: February 27, 2008

Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter |   February 27, 2008
Improve Backplane System Performance at 6 Gbps and Above
FREE White Paper. With an upgrade path to higher bandwidth capability in your sights, minimization of crosstalk in the backplane link is critical. Amphenol TCS connectors can deliver crosstalk up to 30 times lower at 5 GHz than previous generations, resulting in enough margin to meet future performance specifications up to 20 Gbps. Our high-speed, high-density connectors, XCede®, Crossbow™ and eHSD® meet and exceed the very latest IEEE 802.3ap standard for 10 Gbps serial data rates. Learn how.

scope |
Go Green In Style With Plug-In Luxury Sedan
By Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

The engineers at Tesla Motors may need to look in their rearview mirrors. Fisker Automotive has announced plans to produce a hybrid sedan with performance that would rival Tesla's famous Roadster. The four-door plug-in Karma promises 0- to 60-mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds, a top speed of 125 mph, and emission-free driving for up to 50 miles.

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Our revamped Navigation bar has new Design Hotspots. Come check out the latest in EDA, analog, embedded, power, and green design from the ED editors.

focus on communications |
Protocol Tester Enlists Unique UE Test Platform

Working in partnership, Anite and Agilent Technologies have unveiled the first product in a planned portfolio of 3GPP LTE R&D test products based on Agilent's E6620A LTE UE test platform.

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EiED online |
Ready To Rock FPGA Development

Bill Wong takes a look at two new development tools from DLP Design.

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Engineering TV |
Lagotek's Whole-Home Automation

Lagotek has produced user interface between people and the complex technologies in their homes. A part of the Z-Wave Alliance, the company offers a primarily software-based solution to whole-home automation, running on an open-hardware platform.

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Missed the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? Check Out Electronic Design's MWC Site.
Electronic Design's Mobile World Congress Design Hotspot is chock full of information coming out of the hottest show in the industry for mobile devices. We'll keep you up to date with the latest product and technology news from the show as well as exclusive video interviews from the show with Editorial Director Mark David and Technology Editor Lou Frenzel. CLICK HERE.

news from the editors |
If Only The Original Spartans Could Have Thrived On So Little Power

Xilinx acknowledges the demands of its power-conscious customers with its latest Spartan-3A FPGAs, which target digital displays, set-top boxes, wireless routers, and other applications where a small footprint and extreme cost sensitivity are issues.

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Agilent Signs On To LTE/SAE Trial Initiative

Agilent Technologies has joined the effort to bring high-speed wireless broadband to the global market through the Long Term Evolution/System Architecture Evolution (LTE/SAE) technology. The company has joined the LTE/SAE Trial Initiative, which is designed to validate the technology's capability.

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IMEC Hits 24.7% Efficiency For GaAs Solar Cell

IMEC, the Leuven, Belgium-based independent research center, has created a single-junction gallium-arsenide (GaAs) solar cell on a germanium (Ge) substrate with a 24.7% conversion efficiency, which the organization said is a record figure. The efficiency was measured and confirmed by the U.S.-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Lantronix Debuts First ManageLinx Application

VIP Access is the first available application of ManageLinx, a platform for application services from Lantronix Inc. The software provides secure, easy-to-deploy remote Internet access from a central location to virtually any piece of networked equipment behind firewalls.

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quick poll |
Which one of your gadgets needs better power efficiency?

  • Your cell phone
  • Your laptop
  • Your MP3 player
  • Your portable video player

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Your Ideas For Design Can Win $500

Send us your Ideas for Design and we'll pay you $150 for every Idea for Design that we publish. In addition, the year's top design as selected by our readers will earn an additional $500, with two runners-up each receiving $250. You can submit your Ideas for Design via e-mail to: [email protected] or, mail your material to:

Ideas for Design
Electronic Design
45 Eisenhower Dr., Suite 550
Paramus, NJ 07652

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product picks online |
Amp Raises Voltage And Precision Antes

Customizable CPU Platform Raises Rates To 1.2 GHz

Cost-Conscious AC-DC Supplies Deliver 320 W

Handheld Calibrator Handles Multiple Functions

Hall-Effect Sensors Integrate MCUs

engineer's resource |
Rev Up Your Interdisciplinary Design Skills

What happens when a microcontroller turns on a power FET, sending a current pulse to a motor coil that develops a magnetic field that turns the rotor shaft, advancing a timing belt that drives a pair of nip rolls suspended on bearings in a web-processing operation on a form, fill, and seal machine installed on a potato chip line at a Frito Lay plant in central California? And how can you be sure that the encoders, prox sensors, and other feedback devices you plan to use will accurately see and report every relevant motion, machine state, and process condition? And will the signals get through the networks fast enough, without being corrupted, giving the controllers time to execute their algorithms as intended? It's a lot to think about, and it only scratches the surface of what many engineers grapple with today. If you happen to be one of them, then the place for you — where you can find answers and meet others with similar concerns — is www.Mechatronic-Design.com.

Backed by some of engineering's top information sources, including Machine Design, Electronic Design, Motion System Design, and Power Electronics, Mechatronic-Design.com is the interdisciplinary engineer's desktop, toolbox, library, and lifeline in one easily accessible place.

Find. Learn. Apply.


upcoming industry events |
Thermal Solutions For Advancing Technology
Feb. 28
San Jose, Calif.

CeBIT Global Conference
March 4-7
Munich, Germany

Convergence 2008
March 11-14
Orlando, Fla.

ED bookstore |
FPGA Prototyping By VHDL Examples
By Pong P. Chu

There's no better way to learn than by doing, and that's the approach taken in FPGA Prototyping By VHDL Examples. If you're relatively new to FPGA prototyping, this book is a decent place to start. The caveat is that it does expect the reader to be relatively fluent in the syntax of HDLs.

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