Four-outlet satellite receiver makes a home with a range

To complete its lineup of satellite- receiver components, Sharp Corp. unveiled the Type BS1R8IL500A Quattro LNB. The company now offers the full range of LNBs, from small systems for single-family houses to modules for satellite systems that supply entire blocks of flats.

The Quattro Band LNB, which manages satellite-receiver functionality, targets larger homes and apartment buildings. It offers four outputs: the first two for the Low Band with horizontal or vertical polarisation; the second two for the High Band, again with horizontal or vertical polarisation. This means that the module supplies the exact signal for a multi-switch, which can then be used to supply a corresponding number of satellite receivers. Frequency bands with this combination are selected via the DiSEqC switching signal from the connected satellite receiver.

In terms of the signal input, the Quattro Band LNB covers the full spectrum of satellite broadcasting frequencies—from 10.7 to 12.75GHz. Performance parameters include a noise figure across the full bandwidth of around 0.6 dB, with a phase noise of 75dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset. Cost is comparatively low, even during operation, since power consumption can drop to 290mA.

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