Go live with Blackfin-enhanced video stream camera

Looking for a quiet restaurant? Or wondering if the party has started at your favourite nightclub? Live video streams to the mobile phones of would-be diners and dancers lets them look inside.

A new wireless application called the IRIS camera uses Analog Devices' Blackfin processor to secure and stream video from a camera to an enabled portable device, such as a GPRS or 3G phone. Or, the IRIS technology can transmit live or recorded video to a mobile device over a standard mobile phone network. Blackfin's RISC-type instruction simplified the porting of algorithms like the MPEG4 Common Image Format.

Because the IRIS technology lets multiple users access the same camera, data security was a key consideration. Blackfin encrypts the video from end-to-end, ensuring that it won't be tampered with by unauthorised users.

Similar to Internet search engines, Pedagog charges for search optimisation, enabling companies to be ranked in search results for public phones.

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