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Iraq Enters The Wireless Age

Many phone calls made today in post-war Iraq require a computer with a microphone and a modem, and these calls can cost up to $4.00 a minute. Iraqis can look for relief, though, thanks to a wireless "plan" from VoEx International LLC and GlobalNet Corp. The two companies are teaming up to distribute satellite mobile phones and subscriber identity module (SIM) cards throughout the country.

A provider of voice-over-IP telephony and network services, VoEx will market and distribute its Shehab advanced GSM/SAT handsets and related options through a network of Iraqi shops and kiosks. Due to the country's current economic uncertainties, all calls will be made on a pre-paid basis. These handsets will take advantage of GlobalNet's Globalstar satellite transmission network, which is efficient enough to charge $0.50 per minute for a call. Phone calls will be simple, inexpensive, and mobile, which will go a long way in helping the nation rebuild.

For more information, visit the VoEx Web site at www.voex.com or the GlobalNet site at www.gbne.net.

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