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Low-Jitter Clock-Recovery Modules Target 10-Gbit/s Systems

The M840 multirate clock-recovery (CR) module series from Micro Networks Corp. specifically targets long-haul, ultra-long-haul, and optical test systems in the OC-192 and 10-Gbit Ethernet systems. Its phase-locked architecture and high-stability, low-noise SAW voltage-controlled oscillator provide extremely low-jitter clock and data outputs for fiber-optic network applications. Typical output jitter at 9.953 Gbits/s is less than 8 ps p-p.

These CR modules use their low phase noise and jitter performance to regenerate the spectral component from an incoming NRZ data stream. Also, these traits let the devices output a low-jitter clock and retimed complementary data. Such performance makes them ideal for use in Sonet/SDH OC-192/10-Gbit Ethernet system transceivers and receivers, optical test equipment, transponders, and transceivers.

The first modules in the series offer multiple data rates of 9.953, 10.3125, 10.664, and 10.709 Gbits/s in a single unit. They also feature a low noise and spurious recovered clock output, as well as 6-mV p-p input sensitivity.

Samples are available now, and quantities will be available next month. The M840 series is priced from $3500 to $4500 in low to medium volumes.

Micro Networks Corp., An Integrated Circuit Systems Company, (508) 852-5400; www.micronetworks.com.

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