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LTE Picocell And Femtocell Reference Designs Revealed

London, England: Details of what picoChip claims is the industry’s first complete LTE basestation reference designs were disclosed at the LTE World Summit in London. The PC8618 picocell and PC8608 femtocell platforms, respectively designed in conjunction with picoChip’s development and research partners, mimoOn and ASTRI, will enable high-capacity wireless networks for enterprise, metropolitan, "hot-zone," home, and rural demands, says the company.

Targeted to run on picoChip’s established PC203 processor (launched in March 2006 and currently shipping in volume), the two designs will support both frequency-division-duplex (FDD) and time-division-duplex (TDD) modes within LTE. They reinforce picoChip’s belief that LTE is best delivered using small cells with self-configuration and self-optimisation features that reduce operators’ capital and operating expenditure while maximising network capacity and efficiency.

The company recently announced a number of "sniffer" or radio environment scanner (RES) reference designs that provide the fundamental measurement and reporting information needed for basestations to implement self-organizing network principles. The RES reference designs also allow network operators to deliver services based on a combination of 2G, 3G, and LTE infrastructure.

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