Mixing up the modules

Kontron unveiled new AdvancedMC modules that it claims will facilitate the security, processing, I/O, and storage configurations of pre-integrated open modular equipment designed for a multitude of IMS, 3G wireless, and wireline network applications.

Two of the four AdvancedMC units—the AM4330 IPSec module and AM4301 Quad GbE module—are on the new mid-size (4HP) form factor, recently introduced by the PICMG (PCI Industrial Computing Manufacturers Group) as a flexible and complementary option to the existing full-size and compact sizes. Mid-size AdvancedMC modules are intended to accommodate the design of a wider range of modules that match both AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA system solutions. Full-size units will typically continue to find homes in applications that require a higher power envelope for maximum processing and the full volume space of SAS storage modules. Compact modules will fulfill the role for very high-density platforms with more stringent power envelopes, featuring more I/O and SATA functionalities.

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