Mobility switches tap a search engine

Trapeze Networks will include Integrated Device Technology's Network Search Engine (NSE) in its new series of wireless LAN Mobility Exchange switches. The Trapeze Mobility System employs identity-based networking, which enables VLAN and subnet memberships, authentications, access control lists (ACLs), roaming policies, bandwidth usage, and other vital statistics to stay with and track users as they move between any wired and wireless environment.

Each of these key functions relies on the NSE to assist the high-speed packet processing necessary to ensure users have authenticated and seamless access.

Trapeze's system allows mobile users to access their applications anytime, anywhere. By performing quick, accurate searching of databases for the Trapeze mobility switch, the IDT 75K52100 NSE helps end users roam securely anywhere in the enterprise, over any wired or wireless network topology. Ultimately, they're able to access a wide variety of applications and information.

By allowing Trapeze to pinpoint specific application databases for searching, such as ACLs, policies, and VLANs, the NSE can improve efficiency and power management within the LAN Mobility System as well.

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