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Modular Test Platform Designed For 10-Gbit/s SONET/SDH Analysis

The OTS9000 optical test set, including modules to support 10-Gbit/s SONET/SDH analysis, is specifically designed to test dense-wavelength-division-multiplexing (DWDM) systems at 10 Gbits/s. It resides on a flexible platform that's able to accept new capabilities as requirements change. Suited for manufacturers of OC-192/STM-64 networking equipment, it decreases test time, manufacturing and deployment costs, and time-to-market by providing multichannel support in a single system. It also offers users pattern generation and analysis for verification of multiple signals through bit-error-rate (BER) analysis.

Optimized specifically for multichannel optical test systems, its flexible, card-modular architecture supports continually changing test requirements by accepting new capabilities as they become available. The test set's cost-effectiveness is a result of its dense multichannel support in a single system. It's also due to cards that are available in three different configurations: transceiver, transmitter only, and receiver only. This test system also has a unique variable receiver threshold that lets manufacturers perform accelerated BER testing, providing a fast setup environment. Moreover, it has a Windows NT interface for easy use.

Available now, the OTS9000 optical test-set platform is priced at $222,000. Delivery is approximately six weeks ARO.

Tektronix Measurement Group, P.O. Box 3960, Portland, OR 97208-3960; (800) 425-2200, code 1180; fax (503) 222-1542;

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