Network broadens its Vision

Berlin, Germany: Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division announced that its Sony Vision Network now has two new members: Abstract Computing International from the Netherlands, and Open Wide from France. The companies will bring dedicated security application software to the Sony XCISX1 smart camera. Consequently, Sony will open up new applications such as ANPR (automatic numberplate recognition) and traffic control to Sony smart camera users.

The goal of the Sony Vision Network, launched in November 2005, is to provide customers with the assurance of hardware and software combinations that will work together, as well as make it easier for them to access the expertise required to complete a project. This includes not only machinevision and image-processing advice, but also experience in the use of such technologies in specific industries.

“The Network was set up to help achieve fast and simple application- and system-building by identifying assured sources of hardware and software compatible with Sony’s products, and providing expertise, experience, and advice on integration and sector-specific issues,” says Arnaud Destruels, product marketing manager at Sony ISS.

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