Read It Fast, Keep It Private

Neubiberg, Germany: Infineon Technologies’ latest RFID advance comes in the form of the PJM Light device. It offers a 1kb memory capacity as well as privacy features designed to prevent unauthorized access to protected data.

Unlike other current RFID solutions, phase-jitter-modulation (PJM) chips are suitable for simultaneous contactless electronic identification of several hundred objects—even if they are tightly packed or moving at a fast clip.

In addition to document management, the PJM Light chip suits inventory work, supply-chain management in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.

In addition, Infineon announced an extension of its licensing agreement with Magellan Technology Pty Ltd. from Australia. This continuation of the design collaboration will help facilitate the development of the PJM global reader infrastructure.

In addition to the existing license for PJM chips, Infineon has also taken a license from Magellan for its patented PJM reader technology. Infineon is now in the position to grant sub-licenses for PJM reader technology to other reader manufacturers and RFID system integrators worldwide.

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