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RF Chip Broadcasts ID And Hope

People with chronic medical conditionS no longer have to depend on identification in wallets or on bracelets. They can take advantage of the VeriChip from Applied Digital Solutions instead. This 12- by 2.1-mm RFID device can be implanted in the upper arm or in the hip. Triggered by an external scanner, it emits an RF signal that contains a unique verification number. The person using the scanner can then access a database, where the verification number will provide vital identification and medical information. For example, the number will alert rescue personnel to conditions like diabetes that require special treatment.

According to ADS, the VeriChip is virtually undetectable and practically indestructible once it is inserted under the skin. Its polyethylene sheath helps skin bond to it, so it stays in place. The RF signal from the scanner powers the chip, so it doesn't require a battery. The chip has an expected life span of 20 years. Also, people who have the chip can update their identification and medical information through the ADS Web site or via phone with the company's support center.

In fact, ADS has initiated the Solusat Medico program in Mexico to promote the VeriChip for medical purposes. This initiative will distribute VeriChip scanners to public and private hospital emergency facilities. It also will donate scanners to the Red Cross, the Mexican Alzheimer's Association, and other public organizations.

For further information about this potentially life-saving technology, go to

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