SiRFstarIV GPS Finds A Position In Samsung Galaxy S II

SiRFstarIV GPS Finds A Position In Samsung Galaxy S II

Cambridge, U.K. and San Jose, Calif.: The SiRFstarIV GPS architecture from CSR is powering location awareness in the new version of Samsung’s Galaxy S II smart phone (see the figure). This host-based GPS receiver is optimised for smart phones and other mobile consumer devices with their own application processors. 

Along with its low-power location awareness capabilities, the SiRFstarIV includes CSR’s active jammer removal technology, which can dynamically detect, track, and actively block up to eight separate sources of interference in the GPS frequency band that would otherwise inhibit GPS performance, allowing it to coexist with other noisy components without any extra effort. Features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G mobile radios as well as the large LCD screens employed in smart phones are often sources of this kind of interference.

The SiRFstarIV also can maintain “better-than-hot-start” conditions in the GPS receiver for fast location fixes without having to be kept fully turned on all the time and draining battery power.



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