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System Jams Unwanted Camera Phone Pictures

Camera phones are great for sending snapshots of the kids to grandma. But they also could be used for more sinister purposes. That's why audio IP licensing firm Sensaura and Internet and mobile technology developer Iceberg Systems have teamed up to develop Safe Haven, a technology that harmlessly disables these cameras in sensitive locations where privacy is a must.

Safe Haven systems transmit a signal that inhibits the camera functionality of nearby portable devices that include a specialized Safe Haven receiver. Other device functions such as voice or text continue to operate as normal. The transmitter, which conforms to established power standards, covers a range of 100 to 300 meters, depending on the surrounding architecture. Multiple Safe Haven nodes can extend this range.

Sensaura and Iceberg expect handset and camera manufacturers to include the new receivers on future models. Many companies would prefer to have their employees and visitors use camera phones that can be disabled, keeping proprietary data and technology under wraps. Also, Sensaura and Iceberg believe that a phone equipped with Safe Haven technology wouldn't cost any more than a non-equipped phone.

For details, go to www.sensaura.com.

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