Electronic Design

Universal TV Remote Squelches The Noise

Imagine the ambience of a nice restaurant—a candlelit table, good food, and fine wine. Then imagine that serene setting being disrupted by a TV blaring the latest news or sports scores. Now, you can recapture the peace and quiet with a low-cost remote that fits discretely on a key chain. The TV-B-Gone only has one button: off. But it houses the infrared codes for over 1000 different TV models. In effect, it can turn off almost any TV anywhere. All you have to do is point it at the TV and hit the button. Then, keep the TV-B-Gone pointed at the TV as the remote's chip cycles through the codes. It could take up to 69 seconds to find the right code, but most TVs shut off within 17 seconds. Two models are available: North America/Asia and Europe. Three 3-V lithium batteries, which should last about six months to a year with normal use, are included. TV-B-Gone costs $14.99. For details, go to www.cornfieldelectronics.com.

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