Electronic Design

Videophone System Enables ASL Communication

Why waste all that time booting up your PC to just watch a movie or look at some snapshots? InterVideo's InstantON software eliminates the wait. Users can access consumer PC-entertainment applications after a mere 10-second boot-up in Linux. Then, they can watch DVDs or VCDs, record videos, browse photo albums, listen to music, and even watch TV with time-shifting capability. Users can control all of these applications via the software's remote-control support, up to a distance of 10 feet. InstantON also features basic editing tools for cutting, merging, and splitting recorded TV shows and videos. Additional applications include home control, Web surfing, e-mail, chatting, and videophone. When it's time for other PC applications, users can easily move into the Windows mode, which still requires the normal boot-up time. InstantON is only available to OEMs for evaluation and integration, as it's not sold as standalone retail software. With its modular nature, OEMs and middleware developers can create customized solutions and incorporate the specific features they need for a particular device. InstantON is offered on Linux, Windows, WinCE, and other operating systems. For details, see www.intervideo.com.

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