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Bus Switch Guards Against -2-V Undershoot Levels

The FSTU32160 is an undershoot-protected bus switch that senses undershoot levels up to −2 V on any I/O data port. This 16- to 32-bit TTL-compatible multiplexer/demultiplexer switch is designed for servers, data routers, and network and telecom switches. It also can be used with RAID systems that require peripheral and network card hot-swap capability while maintaining a high degree of data integrity. Its low on-resistance (RON) results in minimum propagation delay between inputs and outputs, along with no generation of signal ground bounce. Also, it has a slow output enable to prevent signal disruption. Priced at $1.40 in 1000-piece batches, the FSTU32160 is available now in the TSSOP package. Samples are available as well.

Fairchild Semiconductor, 333 Western Ave., South Portland, ME 04106; (888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036; Internet:

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