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Capacitive Sensors "See" Through Lower Dielectric Materials

The Q14 and Q20 Q-Pak economical capacitive sensors feature a compact rectangular housing that fits and functions where standard barrel sensors will not. Capable of "seeing though" lower dielectric materials to detect higher dielectric materials, these sensors are ideal for level detection, package inspection, carton contents detection, wire-break detection, parts rejection, stack level control, packaging, and other applications.

They're housed in packages that are up to 10 times narrower than a standard 30-mm diameter barrel sensor. They also achieve double the sensing range, depending on the model. Moreover, they measure 52 or 68 mm high by 30 or 40 mm wide by 14 or 20 mm deep, depending on the model type, while achieving a 10- or 20-mm sensing range.

A sensitivity adjustment gives users the ability to reliably detect various target materials. These sensors also feature a compensation electrode that minimizes false outputs due to contamination on the sensor face. The compensation circuitry ignores splashing water and dust buildup, which are common in capacitive sensor applications. Designed for use in industrial environments, they feature a durable PBT plastic housing and a chrome-plated brass connector. They operate between ­25°C and 70°C at 10% temperature drift.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Turck Inc., 3000 Campus Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55441; (612) 553-7300; www.turck.com.

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