Electronic Design

CCD Image Sensor Boasts 2084- by 2084-Pixel Resolution

The KAF-4300E full-frame Blue Plus image sensor, with 4.3 million pixels, is designed for medical (radiography, mammography), scientific, and industrial applications. Featuring 2084- by 2084-pixel resolution, this charge couple device (CCD) boasts large, 24-mm2 pixels for a total imager size of 50 by 50 mm. Compared to other models in the Blue Plus series, it has improved quantum efficiency across the visible spectrum. Two electronically selectable amplifiers provide high sensitivity or high gain output. Also, binning is available in both directions for even larger pixels and well capacity. Contact the manufacturer for pricing information.

Eastman Kodak Co., Image Sensor Solutions, 1669 Lake Ave., Rochester, NY 14650-2010; (716) 722-4385; fax (716) 477-4947; www.kodak.com/go/CCD.

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