Clock generators get power savvy

A new family of highly-programmable, one to four phaselock loop (PLL) clock generator devices can generate up to nine output clock sources from a single input frequency. Each output is able to be programmed in-system for any clock frequency up to 230 MHz.

These features provide a number of system benefits, such as reduced power consumption, shorter lead time and the flexibility to easily upgrade the clock without redesigning the system. And they ultimately reduce cost for a broad range of consumer applications, such as IP set-top boxes or phones, digital media systems (e.g., digital televisions), streaming media and printers, navigation systems, and portable devices.

Texas Instruments’ CDCE9xx and CDCEL9xx family of clock generators ranges from one to four PLLs with very low jitter at 60ps typical. The CDCE9xx devices provide either 2.5V or 3.3V outputs, while the CDCEL9xx offers 1.8V outputs, thus delivering the low-power capability needed for portable devices. Each PLL supports spread-spectrum clocking to reduce electromagnetic interference to enable compliance with EMC regulations.

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