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Clock Oscillators Tough Out Industrial Strength Temperatures

The miniature, surface-mount T3312 and T3212 clock oscillators provide time and frequency-reference signals at frequencies from 20 kHz to 100 MHz in -40°C to 85°C environments. Subjected rigorous testing, it is claimed that these devices will guarantee performance features such as a 5-ps jitter specification and a frequency stability of ±50 ppm.
First year drift of a new oscillator is less than ±3 ppm, while long-term drift is specified at ±1 ppm/yr. The T3312 operates on 3.3V and the T3212 operates on 5V and both draw 35 ma and 45 ma, respectively. Waveform symmetry is better than 45/55.
Both devices can drive CMOS and TTL loads and incorporate 0.1-µF bypass capacitors and accept tri-state input for ATE diagnostics.


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