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Resistors Function As Drop-In Replacements For MELF Devices
Members of the MM series of cylindrical surface-mount resistors feature low profiles. Reducing lead time, they function as drop-in replacements for MELF devices. They also are fully compatible with high-speed automated assembly equipment.

The resistors use the company's patented Metal Glaze thick-film resistive element fired unto a ceramic core with capless solder terminations. They feature surge-handling capabilities, enhanced heat dissipation, and improved solderability. Power ratings from 0.25 to 2 W are available. Resistance ranges from 0.1 Ω to 2.2 MΩ with tolerances down to 0.50%. Their operating temperature ranges from −55°C to 150°C.

According to the company, these resistors are designed for automotive, computer, instrumentation, telecommunications, and industrial electronics applications. Lead times for MM resistors are as low as four weeks. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

International Resistive Co. Inc., 736 Greenway Rd., P.O. Box 1860, Boone, NC 28607; (828) 264-8861; fax (828) 264-8865; Internet: www.irctt.com.

Thick-Film Resistor Arrays Reduce Component Counts
Members of the BG series of flip-chip resistor arrays integrate resistor elements into a single package to avoid component crowding. According to the company, they reduce total assembly costs by eliminating automatic handling and assembly of miniature resistors.

The devices feature up to 24 resistor elements in a low-profile surface-mount package. All offer an EIA-compliant flip-chip design. Common and isolated network configurations are incorporated in the design of the resistors. While the substrate of the thick-film resistors is aluminum, the terminals are high-temperature solder balls. The package features a power rating of 1.2 W maximum, and the resistor boasts a similar rating of 50 mW maximum. Resistance ranges from 5 Ω to 2 MΩ. The device operates at 50 V. A temperature coefficient of ±200 ppm is featured.

Tape-and-reel packaging is standard. Also, custom configurations are available. According to the company, the resistor arrays suit a variety of applications, including PCMCIA cards, hard-disk drives, dc-dc converters, laptop computers, and wireless communications devices.

For information about pricing and availability, contact the company.

Ohmite Mfg. Co., 3601 Howard St., Skokie, IL 60076; (847) 675-2600; fax (847) 675-1505; www.ohmite.com.

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