Cost/time-saving modules set their sights on wireless systems

Sheffield, U.K.
Fabless semiconductor company Jennic crafted a range of IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee modules that it says will speed development of wireless-sensor based products.

The JN5121MOxxx modules minimise bill-of-material costs for wireless systems. They give developers access to the full digital and analogue IO capability of the JN5121 chip, including ADCs, DACs, comparators, timers, UART, serial interfaces, and GPIO.

Coming in a surface-mount 18 by 30mm form factor, the modules include versions with integrated ceramic antennas or with an SMA connector for ranges of up to about 200m. There’s also an 18 by 40mm version with an integrated power amplifier and low-noise amplifier for extended-range (over 1km) applications.

Each module is supplied with IEEE802.15.4 MAC layer software, or with a ZigBee network stack.

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