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Electronic Design Update: July 11, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | July 11, 2007

High-Performance USB Data Acquisition

National Instruments USB data acquisition (DAQ) combines the convenience of plug-and-play USB with PCI-grade performance. NI high-performance USB DAQ products sustain high-speed, bi-directional data streams over USB by integrating new NI Signal Streaming technology.

Learn why USB is the new preferred bus of choice for data acquisition by downloading this E-Kit.


Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

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Industry View |

Choosing The Right Memory For Your Cell-Phone System
By Vijay K. Devadiga, Silicon Storage Technology Inc.

Cell-phone system designers have more choices today in picking a flash memory solution. Identifying and selecting the right solution that meets their design objectives is very important to ensure success. Of course, each memory solution has its pros and cons.

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focus on digital |

So That's What An In-Flight Bomb Scare Feels Like
By Daniel Harris, Digital Technology Editor

We supposedly live in the information and technology age, right? Boeing's 787 Dreamliner provides all kinds of electronic comforts (and 60 miles of wiring) for $162 million. A little security in all those gadgets isn't too much to expect. So why did my recent flight from San Francisco to Orlando get diverted to Denver because of a suspicious package?

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EiED online |

A Digital Sign Of The Times

It should be simple: find a nice large display like Viewsonic's 37-in. N3752w, connect it to a compact motherboard like VIA Technologies' EPIA EX15000G, and network it with Belkin's 300-Mbit/s N1 technology.

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Engineering TV: Episode 51 |


Planetary exploration and robotics usually mean treads or wheels. NASA scientists think a spider configuration on a Robonaut could create a mobility platform where the load of the system is constantly and equally distributed over a moving explorer.

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news from the editors |

Sampling Scope Optimized For Fast Serial Data T&M

With so many recent designs using one of the super-fast serial data buses, it's not surprising that someone would introduce a test instrument optimized for making measurements in these systems. LeCroy's WaveExpert 100H sampling oscilloscope can acquire, measure, and process signals that cannot be physically probed.

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Semiconductors Exhibit "Crowd-Like" Behavior

Researchers have used ultrafast lasers to reveal a collective, "crowd-like" electronic behavior in semiconductors. The work may help researchers better predict characteristics of optoelectronic devices like emission signal magnitude and phase, which are especially significant in optics.

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Xbox Warranty Extension To Cost Microsoft $1B

Microsoft will set aside approximately $1.15 billion for repairs to Xbox 360 hardware failures under a new warranty program for the gaming console.

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The EU's Effect On Green Design

It has been just over a year since the industry had to formally adopt the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. Other countries, including China and Korea, have come up with their own versions of RoHS since then, forcing much of the industry to scramble to first understand and then meet their requirements.

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Design Solution |

Analog/Mixed-Signal Foundries Address Technology Convergence
By Volker Herbig, X-FAB Silicon Foundries

By going modular and incorporating strong design support, pure-play analog/mixed-signal foundries welcome fabless and fab-lite companies.

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Fastest way to debug your design using a mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO)

This application note will help you identify your most elusive problems, learn how to better acquire your analog, digital, and serial signals and quickly validate your design.

Consider a mixed signal oscilloscope today


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quick poll |

What kind of infotainment system do you want most in your next car?
  • Navigation system
  • Internet access
  • Rear-seat entertainment
  • Increased memory
  • Safety/security features
  • Other

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product picks online |

Hybrid Linear Actuators Include Encoder Feedback
Lab Automation Software Connects Remote Facilities
Fast Fiber-To-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter Suits Rugged Applications
100-W Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters Provide Up To 91% Efficiency
Single-Chip Power Amp Drives Ceramic Speakers

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upcoming industry events |

Denali MemCom San Jose
July 17-19
San Jose, Calif.

IPC Midwest Conference & Exhibition
Sept. 22-28
Schaumburg, Ill.

AdvancedTCA Summit 2007
Oct. 16-18
Santa Clara, Calif.

Logic NVM 2007 - Inside Tomorrow's Electronics (Semiconductor Event)
On-demand presentations - DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Learn how to specify bench power supplies

Not all power supplies are created equally! When selecting a general purpose bench power supply, there are a lot of aspects to consider in choosing the optimum power supply for a particular application. Plus there are even more factors to consider to ensure you obtain a clean and stable DC power output.

Click here to learn more.


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ED bookstore |

Programming 16-bit Microcontrollers in C: Learning to Fly the PIC24
By Lucio Di Jasio

Microchip's 16-bit dsPIC and PIC24 fit in the class of digital signal controllers. They were designed to support C, so it is not surprising that Lucio Di Jasio chose to highlight PIC24 in C.

To buy the book, click here...

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