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Electronic Design Update: November 7, 2007

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Electronic Design UPDATE
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter | November 7, 2007

High-Performance USB Data Acquisition

National Instruments' USB data acquisition (DAQ) combines the convenience of plug-and-play USB with PCI-grade performance. NI high-performance USB DAQ products sustain high-speed, bi-directional data streams over USB by integrating new NI Signal Streaming technology.

Learn why USB is the new preferred bus of choice for data acquisition by downloading the E-Kit.


Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

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scope |

Boss Collects $2 Million Paycheck In DARPA Urban Challenge
By Richard Gawel, Managing Editor

Boss ruled the roads as Carnegie Mellon's Tartan Racing Team took first prize in DARPA's Urban Challenge. The competition began with dozens of teams building fully autonomous vehicles that would have to navigate a 60-mile course, complete with traffic and other commuter obstacles. On Saturday, 11 of those teams took part in the finals on the streets of Victorville, Calif.

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design solution |

Move Over Iso Amp—Make The Switch To Digital Isolation
By Thomas Kugelstadt
Senior Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments

Digital isolators are replacing the venerable isolation amplifiers, but understanding system requirements before making the switch is a must.

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focus on components |

15-in. Color LCDs Boast High Contrast, Fast Response Times

A pair of amorphous-silicon, color, thin-film-transistor (TFT) LCD modules from NEC LCD Technologies features wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios, and fast response times. The NL10276BC30-32 is a standard product with a brightness of 250 cd/m2, and the NL10276BC30-33 has a brightness of 350 cd/m2...

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home page highlight: designed in |

EI's PBGA Modules Launched Into Space

Endicott Interconnect Technologies' ultra-fine-pitch wire-bond plastic ball-grid array (PBGA) substrates and assembled modules were incorporated into Northrop Grumman's work with the Orbital Express system. Northrop Grumman is responsible for the design, production, and operational support for the transfer and propulsion systems on Orbital Express satellites, which were launched last March.

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EiED online |

Real Robots: Player Project

The Player Project, or simply Player, is a free software project (GNU General Public License) designed to provide a robot server framework. It is designed to run on real robots in addition to the Stage and Gazebo simulation systems. We'll take a look at these environments, including running Player on the Whitebox Robotics PC-Bot...

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Your Ideas For Design Can Win $500

Send us your Ideas for Design and we'll pay you $150 for every Idea for Design that we publish. In addition, this year's top design as selected by our readers will earn an additional $500, with two runners-up each receiving $250. You can submit your Ideas for Design via e-mail to: [email protected] or, mail your material to:

Ideas for Design
Electronic Design
45 Eisenhower Dr., Suite 550
Paramus, NJ 07652

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Engineering TV: Episode 85 |

The FIRST Robotics League

Football. Basketball. Robotics? These days, many junior high and high schools are fielding teams of young engineers who build robots to take part in the FIRST Robotics League. This annual competition is designed to get students interested in—and excited about—science and technology...

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news from the editors |

Marvell Chips Cut PC Energy Use

Marvell has introduced a new line of energy-saving chips that are designed to cut PC energy use. The controller chips, based on Marvell's digital signal processing (DSP) and power-management technologies, will boost energy efficiency by aligning current and voltage coming from the electrical outlet.

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Instrument And Fluted-Clamp Knobs Now Available

Soft Touch knobs from Electronic Hardware Corp. are now available in instrument and fluted-clamp versions. The knobs are polypropylene overmolded with thermoplastic elastometer.

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VTI Bonds ASICs To MEMS Wafers

VTI Technologies is pioneering a way to package microelectromechanical-systems (MEMS) and ASICs on the same wafer in hopes of creating smaller sensing devices for large-volume production. In current processes, MEMS wafers are created first and then joined to ASICs. VTI's process, dubbed Chip-on-MEMS (CoM), bonds ASICs to MEMS wafers before dicing.

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quick poll |

What was the biggest tech story of 2007?
  • IBM and Intel revise the transistor
  • The FCC decides to sell analog TV's 700-MHz spectrum
  • 45-nm processors go into production
  • The iPhone debuts—and gets hacked
  • AMD and Intel quad-core processors square off
  • Other

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product picks online |

2-in. AMOLED Display Offers Interface Options
PMC-Based Interface Handles High- Or Low-Speed CAN
DSP Card Blends Dual-Core PowerPC Processor, Virtex FPGAs
Lifecycle Management Solution Ready To Use Out Of The Box
Test Engineering Platform Enhances Data Management

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upcoming industry events |

Printed Electronics USA Conference
Nov. 12-15
San Francisco, Calif.

Portable Designs with High-Power Batteries and Chargers
Nov. 28

Active RFID & RTLS Summit
Dec. 5-6
Dallas, Texas

See more industry events...

Whatever you imagine, there's a Sharp display to make it work.

LCDs are used in everything from handheld devices to wall-size displays, so it's essential for engineers to have choices. Sharp has a tremendous breadth of display modules with the performance specifications you need to make your design work - in sizes from 2.2 to 65 inches. And with a global supply chain and unparalleled support, Sharp will be there - no matter where you are in the design process, or where you are in the world.

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Portable Designs with High-Power Batteries and Chargers
Wednesday, November 28 at 2:00 pm ET; presented by Micro Power

Robin Sarah Tichy, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager at Micro Power Electronics Inc., provides an industry update and profiles new high-power (or high-pulse) rechargeable lithium batteries. Traditional lithium batteries support pulses of 5 A, while new high-power batteries support pulses over 100 A, enabling many new portable applications. This Webcast will detail cell configurations, chemical formulations, electrical performance, safety issues, limitations, and sample performance data.

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ED bookstore |

Wireless Networking: Know It All
By Praphul Chandra, Daniel M. Dobkin, Alan Bensky, Ron Olexa, David A. Lide, and Farid Dowla

There are dozens of books on wireless networking out there. And just when the authors finish the book, it becomes obsolete as new standards, technologies, chips, and applications come along. Yet this book is more up to date than most.

To buy the book, click here...

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