Enter the Next Z-RAM Zone

Z-RAM Gen2, the second generation of Z-RAM high-density memory intellectual property (IP), boosts performance while reducing power consumption, claims developer Innovative Silicon (ISi). Already, Advanced Micro Devices has contracted to purchase a license for Z-RAM Gen2 (AMD contracted to purchase a license to the previousgeneration technology in December 2005).

Z-RAM technologies achieve high-level density and performance by using a single transistor as a memory bit-cell, which is made possible by harnessing the floating body effect found in circuits fabricated using SOI (silicon- on-insulator) wafers. Moreover, since Z-RAM takes advantage of a naturally occurring SOI effect, Z-RAM works on SOI logic processes without requiring exotic process changes to build capacitors or other devices.

"We are very excited about ZRAM Gen2," says Craig Sander, corporate vice president, technology development at AMD. "The combination of density, power, and performance coupled with its ability to work with our standard manufacturing processes makes it an extremely attractive option for use in our future microprocessors."

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