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Film Capacitor Saves Money And Space In DC Applications

The type DSF stacked-metallized polyester film capacitor is specifically designed for general-purpose dc applications where low cost, subminiature size, and stable performance characteristics are essential. The stacked-metallized film method produces substantial size reductions while providing comparable or even greater pulse handling capabilities than larger wound-metallized polyester sections. Designed in a radial dipped style, the type DSF has a 0.01- to 2.2-µF capacitance range and 50- and 100-V dc standard voltage ratings. Packaging choices consist of bulk, ammo box, and reel taping. Preproduction stock is now in place. Typically, the 0.10-µF 50-V dc model costs $0.05 each.

Cornell Dubilier, 1700 Rt. 23 North, Wayne, NJ 07470; (973) 694-8600; (973) 694-8873; www.cornell-dubilier.com.

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