Fusion Chip Pushes Processing Speed Up a Gear

Seoul, Korea: A prototype fusion memory chip is believed to significantly increase the data-processing speed between processors in mobile applications. At least, that’s the claim made by its developer, Samsung Electronics.

Expectations are that Samsung’s OneDRAM will be specified in the design of handsets, game consoles, and other digital applications, especially those that use 3D graphics. The 133MHz, 512Mb device’s dual-port approach decreases the time it takes to transfer data between processors. Data managed by the processors is housed in a shared bank where the space for storing the data can be adjusted accordingly. This meets the JEDEC lowpower, double-data-rate (LPDDR) memory standard.

Due to rapidly increasing demand for multimedia features in mobile applications, designers have specified the use of two separate processors—a communication processor and a media processor. The new OneDRAM will channel data between the processors through a single chip, eliminating the need to also specify DRAM and SRAM chips for buffer memory.

Along with faster data-processing speeds between the processors, Samsung says the OneDRAM reduces power consumption by 30%.

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