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Image Sensor Packs 8-Mpixel Resolution Into 1/2.5-in. Format

Thanks to CMOS technology, digital cameras are about to take better pictures. Micron Technology has produced a prototype 8-Mpixel CMOS image sensor that relies on a 1.75-µm pixel design to fit into the 1/2.5-in. format, which is the standard size for mainstream digital cameras. While typical digital cameras use CCD technology, CMOS technology provides production, power, and integration benefits that enable such high resolution in a standard form factor.

In continuous-shot mode, the MT9E001 can capture more than 10 pictures a second at full 8-Mpixel resolution and more than 30 pictures a second at 2-Mpixel resolution. Digital cameras can use it to capture and play back HD video at 30 fps in the 720p format. Camera phones based on the 0.25-in. optical format would offer 3-Mpixel resolution with the sensor without any change in the handsets’ form factor. And with this performance, it can support image stabilization and fast autofocus response. Customer sampling will begin this fall. Mass production will begin in the first half of 2007. Pricing will be determined at the time of general customer sampling.

Micron Technology

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