LTA065A041F Technical Specifications

LTA065A041F technical specifications
Part number LTA065A041F
Display size 6.5-inch
Pixel format 640 x 480 (VGA)
Power consumption 4W at IFL=6.5mA
Luminance (typical) 400 cd/m2 at IFL=6.5mA
Mechanical outline dimensions, H x V x D (mm) 151.0 x 115.5 x 10.0 (Max)
Weight 205grams
Number of colours 260K
Interface Digital 6-bit RGB
Pixel pitch 0.2055mm
Vertical viewing angle 90°(Typical, up + down)
Horizontal viewing angle 120°(Typical, left + right)
Operating temp –10 to 60°C

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