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Magnetic Field Sensor Boasts ±1% Linearity Over ±15 mT

The CYH-21 analog Hall magnetic field sensor is based on a vertical Hall device in silicon, allowing an integrated magnetic flux concentrator on the device surface. It also provides a high-sensitivity bipolar output proportional to the field component parallel to the chip surface. Linearity is better than ±1% over a dynamic range of about ±15 mT (150 G). Utilizing a flux concentrator increases the magnetic-field sensitivity to about 2.5 mV/mT (0.25 mV/G). And, it reduces the equivalent device noise to about 8 nT/Hz at 10 Hz, or 1% of a typical low-noise linear Hall sensor with integrated amplifier.

The nominal control current is 1 mA with a power dissipation of about 5 mW. Its bandwidth is dc to 30 kHz (−3 dB). The operating temperature range is −40° to 110°C, while its storage temperature is −40° to 125°C. A chip form, at 1.4 by 2.0 by 0.5 mm, is available. So is a version in SO-8 packaging, with an active measurement volume of 0.25 by 0.1 by 0.25 mm. In 1000s, the CYH-21 is priced at $2.10 apiece.

GMW Associates, P.O. Box 2578, Redwood City, CA 94064; (650) 802-8292; fax: (650) 802-8298; e-mail: [email protected]; Internet:

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