MOSFETs sharpen buck-converter efficiencies

Four new SO-8 30V dual HEXFET MOSFETs crafted by International Rectifier target synchronous buck-converter applications up to 6A. The devices offer optimised conduction, switching, and body diode characteristics that maximise performance, enabling cooler operation. The new MOSFETs deliver up to 1% better efficiency over their load range, and as much as 2% more efficiency under light loads like those experienced during “sleep” or “standby” modes.

These dual devices, housed in single SO-8 packages, feature a compact footprint. They suit highperformance, dc-dc, synchronous POL converters used in advanced telecom and datacom systems, as well as general-purpose buck converters up to 6A.

The IRF7904PbF and the IRF7907PbF each deliver as much as 1% higher efficiency over the load range of 6A. The IRF7902PbF and IRF7905PbF target high-efficiency dc-dc converters up to 5A, and perform similarly at full load. However, at 2A, performance jumps as much as 2% versus standard devices. The IRF7902PbF and IRF7905PbF have similar electrical characteristics, but different pin-out configurations. The IRF7904PbF and IRF7907PbF match pin-outs with the IRF7902PbF and the IRF7905PbF, respectively.

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