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Power Inductors Provide High-Current Capability

The DXM series of lead-free low-voltage high-current power inductors can handle up to 30 A and boast inductance values ranging from 0.2 to 10 µH. Designed for switching power supplies and portable electronics, they make use of a 200°C insulation system and are well suited for operating from −40°C to 155°C. These low-profile devices are available in a size of 13 by 13 by 6.0 mm. Their leadless nature reduces solder failure modes associated with leaded inductors. Also, they feature a mean time between failure greater than 1 million hours of operation. They cost $0.45 each in 100,000-unit lots and are available within four to six weeks.

CoEv Magnetics, a unit of Tyco Electronics
(800) 227-7040

Light-Sensing CdS Photocells Cover Many Applications

The single and dual cadmium-sulfide (CdS) Photocell series of light-sensing resistors ideally suit sensor applications that require human-eye light perception. These devices sense in the spectral range of 515 to 730 nm and peak at 515 nm. They have a wide range of resistance values from 3 kΩ to 240 Ω maximum at 10 lux. Additionally, they have an operating temperature range of −30°C to 75°C and measure just 0.165 by 0.138 in. (model 9P series). Though they’re small, they have enough output current to drive relays directly. The 9P, 8P, 7P and 5P series are available from stock. Pricing ranges from $0.10 to $0.33 in production quantities.

Selco Products Co.
(800) 229-2332

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