Organic fab for printed electronics opens its doors

Linz, Austria: NANOIDENT Technologies AG, an optoelectronic sensors firm, opened what it says is the world’s first manufacturing facility for the production of printed semiconductorbased optoelectronics. The NANOIDENT Organic Fab (OFAB) will use the company’s Semiconductor 2.0 Platform. Its environmentally friendly production process is claimed to produce printed electronic devices quickly and at a lower cost than traditional silicon-based semiconductor fabs.

To produce printed electronics at the OFAB, nanomaterials are deposited onto a substrate using advanced printing methods. The overall process is extremely fast. For example, traditional chip manufacturing takes approximately two to three months. On the other hand, the entire process in the OFAB can be completed in hours or days, depending on the application. Prototypes and volume production can be run on the same equipment, which makes it easier to customise devices.

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