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Power Moisture Resistors Designed To Withstand Harsh Climates

Models in a new series of power moisture resistors designed specifically for harsh environments come in 15 thick-film case sizes. These range from 0.03 by 0.02 in. to 0.25 by 0.125 in. They also come in 10 thin-film case sizes, from 0.05 by 0.05 in. to 0.225 by 0.225 in. High-reliability versions of the power moisture resistors also are available in ten sizes, in IAW DESC (Defense Electronic Supply Center) specifications #94025 through #94018. Testing includes Group A and B per MIL-PRF-55342 and MIL-PRF-55342 moisture testing, with 10% power applied. The resistors are available in standard termination styles. Metallization options include solderable, epoxy, and wire-bondable. Pricing for the thick-film power moisture resistors begins at $1.00 each in production quantities. Delivery is nine weeks ARO. rg

State of the Art, 2470 Fox Hill Rd., State College, PA 16803-1797; (800) 458-3401; fax (814) 355-2714; www.resistor.com.

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