Power sensor modules

Munich, Germany
Rohde & Schwarz launched Power Sensor Modules R&S NRP-Z27/-Z37 for its Measuring Receiver R&S FSMR. The modules, which include a power sensor with integrated power splitter, allow designers to determine the signal power and perform all further measurements of the measuring receiver using a single signal connector.

The R&S NRP-Z27 and R&S NRP-Z37 cover a frequency range up to 18 and 26.5GHz, respectively. Overall, they provide, in connection with the R&S FSMR, a compact solution for calibrating signal sources.

When calibrating signal generators, high accuracy is crucial. Equipped with the R&S NRPZ27/-Z37 module, the R&S FSMR becomes a high-precision power meter with a dynamic range from -115 to +30dBm. It can be connected to the R&S NRP-Z27 or R&S NRP-Z37 directly to the signal generator to be calibrated and to the Measuring Receiver R&S FSMR. One part of the signal power is coupled out to the sensor test cell via the power splitters integrated in the power sensors. The other part is transferred to the R&S FSMR via a high-quality microwave cable. Thus, you avoid having to switch between the power-sensor module and the measuring receive. The latter is necessary when using two separate instruments.

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