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Pressure Transducer Monitors Specialty Gas Processes

Designed for installation on a modular "Block" gas stick or panel, the Model 217 pressure transducer monitors specialty gas processes in high-purity gas delivery systems and semiconductor process tools. Its zero stability and long-term reliability come from its manufacturer's variable capacitance sensing technology. A down-mount "C" seal pressure fitting and small, swept sensor chamber use VAR 316L SS electropolished to a 7-Ra (10 max.) finish for containment-free operation and system purging.

Also, each sensor is mass-spectrometer helium-leak tested to 1 x 10-9 ATM/CC/s. The device is available with 5-VDC, 10-VDC, or 4- to 20-mA output with 0.25% of full-scale or 1.0% of reading accuracy. Pressure ranges from 0 to 25 psi to 0 to 3000 psi in gauge, absolute, or compound pressure are offered as well. Bar ranges from 0-7 to 0-200 bar also are available. Users can choose between a 15- or 9-pin D-sub connector, 4-pin Bayonet connector, or 6-ft multiconductor cable for electrical termination. Moreover, this transducer meets the latest SEMI Standard 2787.1E revisions.

The list price for the psi gauge or compound pressure ranges is $579 each. In absolute psi ranges, its list price is $679 each. Lead time for ordering is three weeks.

Setra Systems Inc., 159 Swanson Rd., Boxborough, MA 01719-1304; (800) 257-3872; fax (978) 264-0292; e-mail: [email protected]; Internet:

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